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Long time no blah

I tend to do most of my intarwebbing on Twitter. I guess I've become a cheesy soundbite bitch.

But there is a post coming soon. Because I HAVE to share this. Especially with those of you who have ever done any technical work in theater and/or events. I did a dance recital (yes I know you're grinning already) because a friend asked me; it was his daughter's dance school.




Just when I think I can't find a more clueless, out-of-touch-with-reality, disorganized group to work with...

Let's begin with the fact that the owner of the studio didn't have the correct music cut for more than 7 of the numbers on the day of dress rehearsal. And by the 1st of 2 performances, only 3 of those had been fixed.

My light board was a Colortran Patchman. For those of you (and I realize there are many) for whom this means nothing, I'll put it this way: There are cave paintings of this board. It is so old it is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

It just gets better from there. You'll get the full story soon.
Curly Girl Hiding

Dave's not here, man...

I'm pretty much not anywhere except twitter these days, and not muh of significance has changed. I'm still seeking a full time job and working several part-time ones; I'm still addicted to the same stupid 'reality' programs; I'm on the constant serach for a perfect pair of red pin-up shoes.

Some notably good stuff:
-my sister and her hubby are FINALLY set to close on their first house mid-April
-my hubby and I actually got to go on a date yesterday to see Burton's "Alice" (which was entertaining and no we didn't see it in 3-D)

One random bit of oddballity: I had a young child address me as "Grown-up" about 2 weeks ago...I forget what the little one wanted, but that's how I was addressed.

Counterpoint to that, I was addressed as "young lady" by a postal clerk a few days ago.

Some other blather:
-A zoo about to lose it's horned pachyderm is experienceing rhinoplasty.
-An out of work jam ban is obviously defunked.
-To convert a sailboat into a powerboat, it must undergo a mastectomy.
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When You Fell

Watching "Twilight Zone" marathon, saw "Time Enough" (the one with the guy who loves to read, survives the Hbomb and then breaks his glasses).

Anyhow, this is rattling around and I need to get it down. Constructives appreciated.


I am your broken city
Flung from roads and homes to rubble
With the simple word "fire."

Which warmed you on snowy evenings
Which I kept in bellies
Deep beneath your dwellings
So you might share my warmth

Which is meant to renew as much as consume
To sheild you fragile,
Delicate things from hostile animals
And the unknowns of dapple-shadowed nights

Large on beaches with youth in abandon
Small in hearth-fires with elders nodding
The heart of a home with children to feed

All these I could offer
All these I could help control
All these are gone.

I am twisted steel bones blown open
All the soul burned away
Not even a memory of me remains

At night it kept the shadows at bay
There are no shadows now
Only eerie half-light from every mote of dust

This burning does not consume
Neither does it renew
Nothing will grow within me again
And I shall burn without fire for 10,000 years
rat buddy

I'm here!

I just haven't posted much of anything, anywhere, for a while. The long and short of it is, I've been battling various Close-Contact-With-Kids cooties (various sniffles, 2 rounds of pink-eye, upper respiratory problems), last-minute (in come cases, last-HOUR) work calls, trying to find permanent employment, and dealing with various government and insurance agencies.

On the whole, things are decent right now. The bills are getting paid, the freelance things are picking up for the holiday season, and we've been able to get out and visit people occasionally.

Tomorrow I'll be finalizing my project from my CAD class; I missed the actual final session due to one of the above-mentioned episodes of pink-eye. I'm hoping to export a few of the files as .jpg so I can show them the very least I'll be able to take the raw .dwg and converted .pdf files.

I also recently dug out and fired up my laptop (the hubby's is the one with the intarwebs). Went through my Digital Quote Board. Some day, I'll load all the hard-copy ones I have. It'll take a while...last I recall, there were a total of 11 18"x24" pages.

A few of my faves:
"Actually, this is the life I ordered. But the bus-boy cleared it before I'd finished." -Conan D.

"All my little ducks in a row just turned around and mooned me!" -Jenni M.

ME: What does he keep working on during lunch?
DEREK: Hard to tell with him.
BOB: Could be a mobile, could be a small nuclear fusion reactor.

And for my HLM:
"And now, we'd like to play Pat's Bitch in D-minor...[singing] Weeeeeeeeeee're off to seeeee the wizaaaaaaard!" -Rob R.
Blurry Bee

Alive and kicking

Don't get your teeth in the way of my boot, you ass.

Hi! I'm alive, I've been busy, though not in the ways I would like. Been doing a lot of last-minute jobs. And need to plan the handing-out of several beatings.

-Am taking a CAD class, specifically Chief Architect. It's for home/landscaping design, but works like AutoCAD or MiniCAD with trainingwheels. Helpful.
-Still frantically seeking one of those full-time job things.
-My GP doc is a twit.
-My GP's NP is teh awesomesauce.
-Agenceis (governmental, temp/employment, and insurance types) suck the Big Sweaty One.
-Am still working MadScience gigs; lots of last-minute-ness. Mostly enjoyable.
-Have made some new friends recently who are just the best.
-All friends are helping me stay sane, or offereing to buy me ammo, or asking to join me on the clocktower. All are equally awesome.

And you?
Blurry Bee

Another winning cover letter

I just sent this one:[lightly edited for the sake of personal info]

Dear Company As Yet Unnamed,[they didn't reveal their name in the ad]

My name is S and I am applying for the post of Administrative Assistant / Receptionist in your team oriented office.

Having worked for a wide range of companies in various capacities, I am always up for the next challenge. I learn information quickly and retain it easily, I ask questions when I have them, and I can usually coax cranky fax machines into cooperative moods. I am reliable, responsible, and reasonable. Plus, I sometimes show up with cookies.

I have attached my administrative resume for your consideration, I would prefer a minimum of money/hour or $$$/year (payable in U.S. dollars), and I will be pleased as punch* to furnish any additional information upon request. I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

-Sylvia Bagaglio


*I am, of course, aware that punch is inanimate, and thus likely unable to comprehend any emotion or feeling. This is merely an idiomatic statement meant to convey my potential for happiness should you decide to contact me for additional information. Hopefully, it will also give you a little laugh. Perhaps a snort. A giggle maybe. A chortle? Does anyone chortle anymore? Myself, I tend to guffaw or bray...I'm not exactly dainty. But if it helps to be dainty in your office, I think I have a lace handkerchief somewhere! I could flutter it about, dab my lips with it at lunch...I'm straying, right?
You probably want to go read the resume now. I'll leave you to it then.


Would you hire me?

hack hack hack

The weekend started off not so bad, what with the good weather. Saturday was pretty lazy at my place, but I helped clean up the party place for D's bash rather well. Turns out the people who own the space had a big'ol kegger the night before. I got there AFTER an hour of cleaning had taken place.

There aren't enough Es for the "eew" I need to spell, people.

Cleared bottles, cups, cans, and general trash. Swept. Vacuumed. J, bless her, mopped. Put fresh throw-covers on furniture. Got the lights working right. I volunteered to clean the bathroom, and my mom would have been proud. Set up tables, cleaned tables, helped set out food and drinks. Finally, the party! Had a REALLY good time, re-connected with some people and got to meet some more. Turned into a pumpkin around midnight, when the kind-of-a-maybe-sore-throat became a oh-boy-tomorrow-I'm-gonna-wake-up-dead feeling.

Sunday: Woke up mostly dead. So did Isaac. So instead of going out to Marlboro to help my sister and her hubby pack and clean, we spent the day mostly dead. I took a brief time-out to venture forth for such neccessities as tissues, flu medicine, orange juice, and bread.

Monday: Another mostly dead day, though Isaac was a little more dead than me. Managed grocery shopping, which wiped me out. Isaac managed laundry and dishes, which wiped him out.

Today: I'm feeling aboout 75%, Isaac is at about 50%. Better, but still with the sniffles and getting wiped out by little effort. I did manage to make dinner this evening.

Tomorrow: More work searching for me, hopefully actually getting to work for the hubby.

And now, a think a cup of tea is in order.

QotD is from TWITTER:
lundegaard: Alistair Crowley loved ice cream so much that he used to finish decrees w/ "So ala mode it be." History is just lactose intolerant.
sylliebee: hey @lundegaard : Alistair Crowley kept that ice cream in a Cthuler. He also kept his frozen Yogsothothurt inside.
Happy Hat

Long weekend

Not that we'll be taking it particularly easy...

Tomorrow I do get to sleep in, but then I need to do some cleaning around my place, get my poop in a group, head over to D's to help clean and organize for The Bash, probably make at least 1 trip to get ice, forks, and whatever else everyone forgot, attempt to make myself presentable, and then, finally, enjoy The Bash. Get home eventually, collapse.

Sunday we head out to Marlboro to help my sister and her hubby pack up, since they will be moving soon. Much drama has ensued, but the summation is their landlord has become a hypocritical dip-headed nong-nong (50 points if you get that reference), and they no longer wish to deal with his special brand of dickheadery (nor his asshattery, assbaggery, nor goatblowery). So a-packing we shall go.

Monday is so far bereft of anything. Which, I feel, is good. I don't want to travel too far. Maybe we can scrounge together a picnic - the weather is supposed to be cooperative. Anyone up for a picnic somewhere in the greater Boston area?

The interview on Thursday went well; I was asked for references, and told that they really want to make a decision by the end of the coming week. So hopefully, I'll know soon.

Your QotD is a punchline. Please supply it with a joke, cuz I can't seem to come up with one:
Q: ???
A: A Polka-dot matrix!
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The Ogre's Lament

This one has been running around my brain for a while - comments and constructive criticism appreciated.

It wasn't so bad when I was little
Even if I was the last-
I could play with the fauns and nymphs and sprites
And we'd splash in the rivers
And run in the fields

I was just a bigger kind of different
I could reach up high for the best fruit to share
And carry the heavy sheaves at harvest
Blow away the chaff while the smaller folk winnowed
And just get along

But I found out I never stop growing
I blow gales and tempests
That make Spring meadows into barren winter fields
The tallest trees tremble when I try to sneak by
And I can't hold on without crushing
Not even my dreams

So I have decided to travel as far to the West
As the Earth will let me
Lie down and sleep where the land is bare
Let the soft winds cover me in dust
I'll grow into a mountain
One that shall maybe have some trees with ripe fruit
That everyone can share again

And when some future night
Your grandchildren look past the fields
To watch the sun hide behind my back
Maybe they'll say "That mountain looks like an Ogre."
And I'll just keep sleeping
So they never have to know
That they are right.

3 years ago today...

...Isaac and I were in Vegas, getting hitched on Chapel Row.

Three years with my most wonderful hubby. I love you, pumpkin. You make everything better.

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